Sunday, September 11, 2011

F&N Season Chillax Beach2U Photo Contest

F&N Seasons Malaysia is organizing this
Beach2U Photo Contest

You have to follow the weekly theme to submit your photo.
There will be SIX Weekly prizes for you to win !!
Winners will be based on CREATIVITY ~~~
oosHHhhh... yup, impress the judges and show them what you got !!

Yup, you have to grab some F&N Season drink.
Talk to em, Take care of em, treat em like your baby...
chillaxxx and cheat em to be your model !!!

chillax with your baby model ~~~~
Add on some pepper, macaroni, mayonnaise,
tuna fish, curry chicken....errr..... Just be creative la >.<|||

oh me? ummm... I did join the first week and won...
an OSIM uSnooz Wrapper !!!

So easy ??
Yea... is kinda easy, as long as you chillax with F&N !!

Follow the theme.
Week One was Chillax at the Beach.
You must understand the theme clearly.
Chillax with a Bitch AND at the Beach, is a different thing >.<||

So, I go to the beach ^^v

Talk to my baby model, tell them how to pose ^^v

then just chillax... hi yahHhhhhh ~~~

wOOoHOOooo ~~~~ !!!

Looks easy, but still effort's needed !!

Like the surfing board....

The float...
You think a barbie doll's stuff could fit the bottle ?
You must be kidding me.... =_=

Yea... feed them some cotton.
* burppppp *

Week SIX will be the toughest one.
Chillax at Odd and Unusual Place and the prize is iPad2 ~~~

Any idea ??
Well , to me.... there's always a place in my dream I wish to go.
Fantasy Land....or some journey to the center of the Earth.

And I don't wanna wear jeans to that place la....
Spoil the whole scenery... =_=||
I want.... I wanna be Flintstones !!!
aRghhhh.... sewing is needed here....... but nvm, easy job!

Volcano, yes... let me shape you up.
36-24-36 , ngam mou?

also the creature that always freak me when I was a kid !!

Let mama handle you... =)
And I thought volcano should be easy to do T.T ~

Gonna make it real.....
And if someone on the fan, I'm in deep sh*t ~~~

Placing my hero ~~
And his name is Yamato moto moto muku muku sang !
Wait... is Flintstones a Japanese ??

umm... This will be...
James Bond Bean Jack Jill Dock Dock Do Do !!!
Visitors : Hey, what's that ?????
Jing : C'mon , an unusual name is needed too. Follow the theme ok!

not forget, an Unusual Amazing plant ^^

hmmm.... guess I still need to search for the right angle

Jeng jeng jeng ~~~~~~
How was it ??
Cool ?
Unusual enough ??
Hey.... helllo ~~~~~ ????? T.T ~
Alright.... I'm just giving an example okay.

Now, is your turn.
Show me what you got !!! grrrr...wooff wofff ~~

More details at
F&N Seasons Malaysia Facebook Fanpage

Mission accomplished !!
Let's crossed our fingers and do ping me to vote for you.
There's prizes for voters too.
If your creativity got chosen and win, I win as your voter too!!
ahhAHAHahAHHhah...... ong ah, ong ah~~~

So, Gambate. Go Go Go !!!



Stefanie said...

Checkout my blog i really like some of your work and if you enter my contest I'll post your blog name on my blog so you'll get more hits :)

Jing Jing said...

Still waiting for your good new babe . haha, hope u like my photo ;)

Miss Sunshine Kelly said...

wah jing jing... bahaya lo handmade bomb... nanti meletup BOOM :0 nice pics

Eric Lee said...

wow...this is actually pretty cool..very creative and nice...haha must be very hard work..